Ex-Formula One star and Cooper Tire Safety and Performance Ambassador, David Coulthard, features in a short, informative public broadcast released specifically for Tyre Safety Month.

Coulthard explains the importance of setting and maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres, to keep you safe and improve the performance of your vehicle.

Air pressure has an influence on how your car accelerates, corners and brakes. In the UK, a shocking 56 percent of tyres are being driven four pounds per square inch (PSI) below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.*

Tyre pressure is important for the wear of a tyre and fuel efficiency. A 10 percent reduction in air pressure can lead to a 10 percent increase in overall tyre wear.

When tyre pressure is six PSI below the recommended pressure, 2 to 3 percent more fuel is used. That equates to almost £600 million being wasted in increased fuel costs in Britain alone.
Coulthard asks drivers to: “Keep an eye on your tyre pressures, a weekly check is recommended and is good practice. Keep your family safe when you’re on the road.”

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