Garage satisfaction ratings from 1,100 customers indicate car owners are happier with an independent workshop than a main dealer.

But the biggest satisfaction ratings were reserved for MotorEasy network workshops, where customers didn’t need to liaise with mechanics, whether independent or franchised.

MotorEasy says its analysis of the survey results indicates that motorists don’t trust mechanics and would rather have someone liaise on their behalf.

MotorEasy provides its customers with a concierge-like service, negotiating with garages on their behalf for any work, from MOTs and services to expensive or specialist repairs. MotorEasy can even pick customers’ cars up, take them to be worked on and deliver them back afterwards.

MotorEasy offers a smarter way to manage, protect and maintain cars by applying cutting-edge AI technology to bookings. ‘Machine learning’ means that MotorEasy’s UK-wide network of workshops is constantly evolving, as the system automatically picks the best garage for each particular job. This is based on an algorithm assessing repair times, part prices, response times and customer scores.

In the analysis of more than 1,100 customer garage ratings, the average satisfaction score was 6.87 out of 10. Main dealers chosen by the customers scored 4.46, while independent workshops did better, with 4.84.

But when motorists used the MotorEasy network of 10,000 UK garages and allowed their MotorEasy technician to deal with the garage on their behalf, satisfaction ratings leapt to a score of 7.45 out of 10.

MotorEasy founder, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “What we’re seeing is the rise of the ‘Do It For Me’ generation – time-poor consumers who want to be passive in the procedures involved in getting their cars worked on.

“They are much happier having someone else save them time, hassle and money by taking care of the process for them.

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