These days a car isn’t just a device for moving you from one place to another, it has to be a mobile office, club and relaxing zone all in one so the amount of tech has gone crazy of late. There are varying levels of autonomy in cars now, you can turn the volume up by waving your hand around, have the car as a rolling wi-fi hotspot, the seats can be heated in winter or cooled in summer, pretty much anything you can think of is now available in a car as an option. We wrote this for Best of the Best BOTB

Mini Countryman Plug In Hybrid

mini phev 300x101 - Our four best Technocar picks

SUVs, don’t have to big, boring and guzzle through fuel. What we have here is the perfect combination of urban SUV, which offers emissions free driving in town and a reliable petrol engine when longer journeys are planned. Plus it is all wrapped up in a funky body, so it looks great.

The pure electric range is 25 miles, but as MINI reckons that in everyday driving 90% of owners will drive no more than 30-40 miles per day. So this is the perfect hybrid combination, plus with emissions of 49g/km and sub £40K price puts it in the lowest Benefit In Kind tax bracket. Clearly technology can come in very helpful and stylish packages.

BMW 760 Li X-Drive V12

m760li 300x91 - Our four best Technocar picks

Arguably the latest 7 isn’t so much a car, as a shockingly effective spaceship. It is a hardcore Rolls Royce, which is not too surprising as it has the Rolls-Royce Wraith twin turbo V12 under the bonnet. Obviously it is supremely comfortable, but if you buy a BMW you want it to drive like one.

The 7 is a proper BMW and the xDrive system helps keep all the wheels planted firmly on the road to get to 62mph in 3.7 seconds. Stick it in Sport mode and the rear wheel steering plays along and makes it feel like an M3. You see, technology when intelligently applied gives you options.

Range Rover P400e HSE Dynamic

rrsport phev 300x113 - Our four best Technocar picks

Here is the acceptable, or at least affordable side of Range Rover Sport ownership. What we have here is a plug-in hybrid which brilliantly combines petrol and electric power to keep C02 and tax on really low.

101mpg is the unrealistic statistic which is bandied about, but 31miles on electric only and 13% Benefit in Kind Tax because the C02 is just 64g/km is what buyers want to hear. The clever thing is that it will still do the Sport thing getting to 60mph in just over 6 seconds and 137mph top speed, proving that high tech is a wonderful thing.

Land Rover Discovery SVX

svx 300x84 - Our four best Technocar picks

The Disco didn’t just get better, it has become much more special, courtesy of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operation Division. So there is not just an off roader, it’s a super off roader with a 518bhp V8 engine.

What makes it better than standard are the technical advances which include all round modified air suspension designed to tackle the toughest obstacles and huge skid plates when the going gets tough. Lightweight forged aluminium wheels and Goodyear Wrangler tyres will mean that it never gets stranded. The Tech is there to help.

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