We have been looking forward to this for ages and finally it can be revealed. The Car Years is a new classic car show will be gracing TV screens, sponsored by Footman James – one of the UK’s leading specialist vehicle insurance brokers. A fresh take on the classic car scene, the premise is simple. Every episode of The Car Years will focus on a specific year of motoring and features Vicki Butler Henderson and Alex Riley.

The Car Years airs on Tuesday May 7th at 8.00pm. Each week it’s two half hour shows back to back. First week is1964 followed by 1984. 1964 is Mustang vs 911; 1984 Testarossa vs Ford RS200. Vicki advocates for 911 and RS200. But the judges will decide….

The first year is 1964 and it is Porsche 911 v Ford Mustang Motoring experts Vicki Butler-Henderson and Alex Riley go head to head championing what they think is the best car to be released in 1964.  Vicki picks the iconic Porsche 911 sports car while Alex makes a case for the original muscle car the Ford Mustang.  A winner is picked by a panel of judges made up of Journalist and broadcaster Quentin Willson, motoring author and vlogger Richard Porter plus world-renowned motoring auctioneer Chris Routledge.