We hope to have a test on this product coming up soon in the Mag. Here is all the information you need. Buy on Amazon and at Halfords as well as many other stockists and Cataclean.com. The recommended price is £14.99

This is the new style bottle with a filler neck extension tube included.

Helps reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption

Ideal if your car has failed its MOT test due to high emissions

A great remedy if you have poor engine performance.

or have a clogged catalytic converter or clogged oxygen sensors

Can be used in both petrol and diesel engines and even hybrid engines.

CATACLEAN is NOT a fuel additive, and it is not added to fuel as a petrol or diesel “enhancement.”

CATACLEAN is only required every 3 months…not every time you fill your tank.

CATACLEAN is an engine and fuel system detoxification technology, developed to exceed the most recent environmental standards.

CATACLEAN rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system, oxygen sensor/lambda probe and catalytic converter.

CATACLEAN not only prevents fouling of your catalytic converter, it removes existing deposits and increases fuel efficiency.

CATACLEAN only uses third party, independent laboratory testing to substantiate product claims.

Over time, problems can occur in the engine and catalytic converter, causing an increase in fuel consumption, a drop in performance and an increase in harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons which, in turn, damage the environment. These problems tend to occur in older vehicles, in vehicles that are used for short journeys, in vehicles that are continually stopping and starting and where fuel quality is poor.

Ideal For:- Family Cars Performance Cars 4 x 4 s Light Commercial Vehicles Heavy Commercial Vehicles Buses Light and Heavy Plant
Fork Lift Trucks Generators Water Pumps *Motor Bikes / Scooters
*Quad Bikes Diesel Railway Engines Tractors *Power Boats *Yachts
Combine Harvesters *Lawn Mowers *Jet Skis
* 4 stroke only