Everything is fine, it really is.

Should you decide to not look too closely into what’s going on around you, that’s perfectly fine. Otherwise there are Rabbit Holes which can be explored if you are that way inclined. Surely, I pondered, at least one of these Rabbit Holes would have an even deeper facility where cars could be parked.

The Rabbit Hole Underground Car Park is me looking into the stories and theories related to vehicles. Some are well known, like James Dean’s Porsche crash, others involving JFK’s assassination (featuring a Lincoln which subsequently became a lot safer for other Presidents) are there to make a point about the nature of conspiracies, whereas the fact that oil isn’t a fossil fuel, deserves more exposure.

There are lot of people you can bump into down the Rabbit Hole and that includes Princess Diana, Castro, Hitler and then there is my obsession with Yuri Bezmenov which I reckon explains everything and indeed I can highly recommend Yuri Bezmenov’s Ghost on twitter who you can find as @HotelLubyanka

I’ve included lots of stories which might upset some seem especially far fetched, or just stupid. Still believe America landed on the moon? Good for you. I don’t actually say they didn’t, however, there seems to be a lot of evidence that the Lunar Rover would not have survived a trip on a ferry to the Isle of Wight, let alone blasting off into space. I am also suitably skeptical about what the Lunar Rover might have been. So when it comes to the theories explored in this book, I am quite happy to question the already questioning narrative. Some conspiracy theories are just daft.

Rabbit Cover copy 2 300x235 - Rabbit Hole Underground Car Park

Which brings us to the whole concept of theories that just might be conspiratorial. Aren’t these the last refuge of idiotic? Probably, except that if you want to find out what will happen in the near future, ask a person sporting a tin foil hat. Just recently their hit rate has been rather good. That’s why they deserve your respect, daring to challenge the existing narrative on just about any subject. Which brings me to Princess Diana. Should I cover her fatal crash? Wasn’t sure, but the more you look into it, the murkier it gets, especially when it comes to the crashed Mercedes previous history, which I’ve never seen mentioned much before. Right now take a look at what is going in the royal household and clearly nothing is quite as it seems. Except that I keep The Rabbit Hole stories strictly to cars and vehicles.

This book all started with the cover once I had dreamt up the title. At the heart of the picture is a Volkswagen Rabbit which as we all know is the American market Golf. That’s what the Conspiracy Rabbit would drive (it is a GTI too) and park in his underground facility. Oh and that’s him in the driver’s seat, or is it me wearing a rabbit head? Anyway I sketched it out on thick cartridge paper then coloured it in with watercolours, acrylic and oils. I then took a picture of it and fiddled with it a bit using a computer programme, which is OK for us amateurs to do these days isn’t it? I liked how it came out so then wrote the content backwards from there.

I liked the groovy image and my good friend and the better half of the Bangers and Classics Podcast, David Milloy, kindly suggested the title was a ‘Tom Wolfian’. Hopefully he’s read the content by now and can reflect on the rashness of that statement.

Anyway, please buy my book. You don’t have to get a real one from the evil Amazon corporation and wasting a hard earned tenner, then the PDF from my website is just £2. It’s worth every penny. Mind you FIAT currencies, now there’s a Rabbit Hole that has nothing to do with the Italian car maker. Underground Car Park 2 might be incoming and if it doesn’t, then there’s a deep hole for you to take a deep dive into.