We love buying used cars at Free Car Mag and we are always giving you hints, tips and stories in the Mag and online. We did rather like the graphic way that Sainsbury’s Bank have done this, so we think it is worth a look.

However, we would like to point out that when Buying a used car there are a few things you can do before you leave the house

Why waste time travelling maybe hundreds of miles to look at a used car when all you have to do is sit on your sofa and make a few calls and surf a few websites. You may be surprised as to how much you can find out about your next car without leaving your house.

The 3 questions you have to ask yourself before you buy a car

Can I insure it? Always check the group and get some quotes, it might be a pleasant surprise or make you reconsider your choice.

Can I afford it? It pays to be aware of the going rate and you can only do that by looking at cars for sale.

Can I afford to run it? You’ve got to look at the servicing charges, cost of tyres and tax implications. All this information comes in handy later on when negotiating.

Here’s the Sainsbury’s Bank Guide from their Money Matters Team…