Imagine car an event where you just turned up to somewhere local. Didn’t have to pay a penny, just had a chat with like minded owners and got the chance to look at everyday, working motors without some ironic agenda. There wouldn’t even be any intrusive corporate sponsorship. Simply a car show by the people for the people.

Well imagine no more, because f you want to see Bangerfest actually happen then all you have to do is get slightly involved.

The Rules: Well, there are hardly any. Every vehicle is welcome. Mostly they will be PLGs of course, but why not bring a double decker, a great big van or your JCB? The theme is working vehicles, the one you use for work, or just every day to do the chores. So no age limit, just exceptional vehicles of any type that you actually own.

Want to take part? Please do, you don’t have to register your car anywhere, or fill in any forms, give a blood sample and any nonsense, just turn up at an event in your area.

Where are the events? I don’t know, hopefully everywhere or at least all around the country and if anyone wants to do one overseas then great,

This is all going to be terribly informal, so there is no insurance, security or other administrative nonsense. We want this to be just a few mates plus anyone else who wants to join in.

Volunteers. Simply need one person to be the contact for the meeting and find somewhere free where a few cars and people can meet up without any hassle. If it is your own garage, pub or whatever, great.

There is no set date for the meeting, but ideally we want all this done and dusted by the end of the summer if not earlier.

The way I see this working is for everyone at the meeting to vote for their favourite vehicle.

That vehicle is photographed and sent to me. All the regional winners are then voted on by every single person who attended all of the meeting. I’ll count the votes.

I’ll also make the trophy. Can’t promise it will be impressive as the Crap Car Cup one from 1995, but I’ll have a go. If you win, I’ll Fed Ex it to you and yours to keep forever etc.

If there is anything you see that is wrong with this grand plan then please let me know. If you want to take the whole thing over then great.

If you believe that Bangerfest as a title sets the wrong tone and you have a better idea, get in touch, also the logo, should you be an actual graphic designer then again, suggest away.

I would quite like to have this all nailed down by the end of January and then we can start having little Bangerfests around the country. Incidentally, not bothered if there are more than in a fairly local area.

Contact me at [email protected] and find me on Twitter while it still exists @Bangernomics