Here’s a journey we would like to go on. Actor and model Sunny Wang, goes by plane, car, plane and boat to some super cool deep sea diving, with sharks!

Sunny may take some risks in life, but he always trusts his possessions to Tumi. It’s a good time then to take look at their Spring 2017 collection.

This season’s collections take on a fresh look with a mix of classic neutrals and bright, playful hues inspired by Havana, the vibrant capital city of Cuba. A bustling metropolis trapped in time, this mystifying place is a combination of past and present: colonial-era architecture meets modernity set against a backdrop of a rich and lively culture. The exhilarating colour palette and strong prints reflect the influence of Cuba’s historic and well-preserved architecture TUMI remains the ultimate travel companion for mega-tasking Global Citizens whose ever-changing schedules demand the very best in quality, style and functionality.

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