If this is the question you fancied asking, then Jake Humphrey is here to answer it for you…

Meet the Hyundai IONIQ, the car lighting the way for the future of electric vehicles. It’s the first car to offer one unique model with a choice of three different designs: Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and Electric. And it doesn’t compromise on the driving experience.

How does it feel to drive the IONIQ?

Responsive, smooth and refined, IONIQ Hybrid gives you more than you’d expect from an eco vehicle. It has a compact electric motor, which boosts the torque, giving you instant acceleration and a top speed of up to 115mph. It also comes with a unique feature for a hybrid: a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. This feature works to give the car a more natural drive. You also have a choice of two different driving modes: ECO and SPORT. SPORT mode holds the gears lower and longer, giving you a more responsive and engaging drive, while ECO mode optimises the gears to conserve energy.

The electric model is fun to drive with quick and responsive handling. It also benefits from instant torque, giving the car impressive acceleration up to a top speed of 103mph. And the suspension is soft, so the drive is quiet and comfortable. The IONIQ Electric also has a choice of ECO and SPORT modes. ECO mode gives you even greater control over your energy conservation, while SPORT mode lets you put the car through its paces.

To discover more, visit: http://www.hyundai.co.uk/new-cars/ioniq