This is a jolly good idea…the perfect gift for Christmas especially if like Robert Ramage you love cars and life.

This book consists of anecdotes of 101 words each about 101 cars in the author’s life, most of which he has owned or driven or been driven in. In appendices he has added 28 of his thoughts about and motoring and 24 other cars. As part of a table of contents he has included a few columns of autobiographical notes with a list of the cars in each period of his life. His oldest childhood memory of of an Austin 20 limousine, his first car was a 1932 Morris Minor 2-seater and his current cars are a 1956 Daimler New Drophead Coupé (off the road pending restoration) and a 1996 Škoda Pickup (badged as VW).

The author’s tongue-in-cheek contents warning is as follows.
The author offers 101 words about the 101 cars in his life, 26 bees in his bonnet and 24 other cars and an explicit reference to the tulipwood banana squeezer.
Please engage in self-care as you read this book. The effects of content are unpredictable. Consider the case of Kenneth Graham’s character, Toad of Toad Hall.
Toad sat straight down in the middle of the dusty road, his legs stretched out before him, and stared fixedly in the direction of the disappearing motor car. He breathed short, his face wore a placid, satisfied expression, and at intervals he faintly murmured “Poop-poop!”

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