Free Car Mag editor and founder James Ruppert did an interview with David Clews at the Unity News Network about the war on the car in particular and the motorist in general. UNN is a great independent channel find it here:

Not all cars are equal. Some are more equal than others and those are the ones, which can enter a designated and legally enforceable Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). We could debate the rights and wrongs of all this, but it is a fact. Some vehicles can enter the zone and others are banned and if they do enter will then be subject to a draconian and obviously unfair fine.

Whether a vehicle is allowed to enter an ULEZ is becoming very important to used car buyers. It is the difference between passing up a car or buying it. So what are the rules?

Essentially to get into London at the moment your engine must be either a Petrol car with a Euro 4 engine usually registered after 2005, or a Diesel, which is Euro 6, usually registered after September 2015. Although you can use ULEZ as a search term on classified ad sites, this is not always the answer. Best not to believe what a seller or website says. That’s because there are exceptions due to when a vehicle was built or registered, often quite different things. The definitive guide is the Transport for London website provided you have the registration number.

James Ruppert has written some banger based books, the Bangernomics ones, Demotorized which warned this was all happening and the slightly useful Bangerpedia which covers Contemporary 2000-2010 and Modern Classics 1990 – 2000.

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