Who are you?

I come from the world of muscle power and strength. It is a highly technical environment involving the human body. I founded Maximuscle and it taught me so much about how to make the body a more powerful and effective machine. I reckoned I could transfer that across to motorbikes and American V8 muscle cars.

So what happened next?

I moved on from the muscle business in 2011 and went on to really indulge myself in my passion. That’s when I took a Rolls Royce Turbine helicopter engine and put it into a motorbike and started breaking land speed records. From there I built the fastest quad bike and set records at the British National Hill Climb.

Then there was that crash?

The infamous 230mph crash. It made the national news as no one had survived such a high speed incident. The downside was three months in hospital and three months in a wheelchair. I was told that I would never walk again. I just went and booked the rebuilt bike back into the same circuit and with my new rebuilt titanium body managed to crack 200mph again. Four months later I was back on the sands at Pendine.

So how did the television show come about?

Well, a documentary focused on my recovery, but it was clear that there was more to all this and the idea of Speed Freaks was born. We were going to chase after records using science a bit of real world drama and explain in plain language how it would all be done. We really did not want to take a splapstick approach which a lot programmes do now and they come off as very sub Top Gear.

Are you doing this alone?

Oh no! I needed to get together with likeminded speed freaks who could help me achieve the records. What is important is that there is no script at all, everything is completely real, we ad lib.

Who is this show aimed at?

Everyone. This is a family show we are not after the nerdy bloke who is into cars, we are aiming to be refreshing, different and introduce real people to the exciting world of motorsport.

Will there be any more Speed Freaks?

Oh yes. I have a huge list of ideas. There will be a Speed Freaks 2.

So where next for breaking records?

I do plan to keep my wheels on the ground but I have become interested Jet Packs…

ITV ‘Speed Freaks’ is on at 9pm Wednesday ITV 4.