Back in the ’80s there was Alvin (Autonomous Land Vehicle In a Neural Network), a groundbreaking project to build an autonomous vehicle powered by a neural network. ALVINN’s original top speed was 3.5mph, which was limited by the amount of computing power they could fit in the vehicle, but at least it was a kick-ass Hummvee ambulance.


Here is a news report from 1997 about the Navlab project which looks like it was shot in the last century, which of course it was…

So Robot Cars are not new and they faced the same problems about control and navigation. We got the navigation technology but why was the self driving element neglected? Why only in the last few years with government encouragement has the self driving technology been so enthusiastically embraced. Clearly governments want to control your movements and big business does not want to pay a wage to a human when driving jobs are so easily outsourced to a robot.

Be careful out there and spread the word about the evil Robot Cars agenda. Here is another fascinating video.