We love classic cars at Free Car Mag, which may explain why we’ve got a few. The other day we parked them up in a line and thought, this looks like a meme in the making.

So here another to be going along with. There are loads more in the bag which we will post when we are in the Meme mood.

FCM Memes 5 1 300x198 - Classic Car Meme Generator

We would like to invite you to suggest your own, so here’s a template for you to play with. Please tweet them at us, or share so we know.

FCM Memes 6 2 300x195 - Classic Car Meme Generator

If there are some really good ones, we might have to come up with a prize. Just so you know there’s a 1964 Mini Cooper, a 1979 BMW 320 automatic and a 1984 Series 3 Land Rover, if that information helps your Meme generation.

In the meantime we have been taking to the new Wheeler Dealers line up of Ant Instead and Mike Brewer, plus Drew Pritchard next week about his new classic car buying show. So there is lots more content to come.