Free Car Mag have a lot of time for Orient watches and here’s another wonderful piece which is great value despite being a limited edition.
Orient is launching a commemorative 20th anniversary model from its iconic diver designed Orient Mako series.
The limited-edition model features a special blue gradation dial inspired by the beautiful ocean and is a must for fans and collectors alike.

This series has a dolphin icon engraved on the caseback and a distinctive characteristic of the limited-edition 20th anniversary model is the blue dial. The dial features Arabic numerals, a design signature of Orient Mako models since its launch in 2004. The blue gradation from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock represents the beautiful ocean that surrounds Japan, while the dial’s stamped wave pattern, coupled with the words “Anniversary Edition” at 4 o’clock and spectacular gold-coloured hands, highlight the celebratory feel of the 20th anniversary model.

The 20th anniversary Orient Mako model is limited to 3,000 pieces, retailing at £424.99.