Select Car Leasing have looked into the world’s most well-known car brands. This is often measured by sales figures, but does that really tell the full story? They delved into Google to find the most searched for and talked about car brands in every single country around the world in the last 12 months.

Europe: Mercedes-Benz is the most searched for car brand, winning the battle of the car brands in 13 countries. German manufacturers dominates western Europe; Mercedes-Benz is joined by Volkswagen and BMW as 3 of the top 5 brands in the region, whilst Hyundai takes third spot as it gains a reputation for quality, reliability and value for money.
North America: Tesla claims more than 2 million searches in the US and Canada alone – showing the traditional gas-guzzling and muscle car heartlands of the world turning its attention to the alternative fuel vehicle in large numbers.
South America: Hyundai claims the majority of South America but the bigger countries in the region, favour more established brands in Honda and Volkswagen. The smaller nations such as Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana love Googling supercars with their favourites being McLaren and Lamborghini.
Asia: Surprisingly with Japan and South Korea’s rich history in the automotive trade and being home to several of the largest players in the world – it appears that they are big fans of BMW, searching for the car manufacturer 323,000 times on average.
Southern Asia: A soft spot for luxury is clear with Lamborghini taking the top spot in India, Nepal, Sir Lanka, Malaysia and the Maldives, whilst the urban traffic conditions in Colombia and the Philippines leads to SMART being the most searched brand here.
Africa: Pickups remain popular, particularly in tourist heavy countries. It isn’t surprising to see Toyota as a clear leader in the region and searched for in a massive 26 countries.
Oceania: Toyota is also by far the most searched for car brand in Oceania, being the most popular manufacturer in 9 countries, including Australia, which searches for Toyota 165,000 every month.

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