A car that nearly became the next Hot Wheels toy is being auctioned by leading classic and niche vehicle online platform Car & Classic. ‘Misfit’, a custom 1963 Ford Anglia was chosen to represent the UK in this year’s global Hot Wheels Legends Tour final.

Free Car Mag has been following the story of ‘The Misfit’ and here is the latest exciting chapter in the history of this brilliant Custom Car.

The result of thousands of hours of work, the Misfit was built up from the remains of half an Anglia bodyshell that was acquired for a few hundred pounds by talented fabricator and creator Rob Rashbrook. The car was then taken to the next level by Michael Charalambous. Displaying authenticity and creativity that saw it win the UK leg of the Hot Wheels Legends tour, the Misfit is an ingenious fusion of old and new ideas, technologies and skills.
Hot Wheels Misfit Rear 300x200 - Misfit for Sale: Hot Wheels Legends for Sale at Car & Classic

“As a toy, it would have been enjoyed by millions, but the winner of our auction will always own the original and unique model,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial, Chris Pollitt.

The Anglia is no careless mishmash of car parts, as detail-obsessive work has been carried out on every element, resulting in it winning several awards at car shows. The engine is a four-cylinder (now with Eaton M45 supercharger) unit from an E30 BMW 318is, mounted within a chopped and channelled body. The boot and doors have been shortened, and the suspension (including a novel De Dion rear end) and steering, combines Ford and Hillman Imp parts.

Examples of blending old and new abound, such as the Ferrari GT race car BBS magnesium rims mounted with double-striped cross-ply tyres. The car is built to be driven, and the previous owner used it for everything from school runs to long motorway trips to shows around the country.

“The beauty of this car, apart from the precision with which it has been put together, is the opportunity to spot details such as the 1959 Cadillac tail-lights, the third brake light in the roof, and even how the boot pops open, by pulling the number plate bracket. A labour of love, and a lot of fun too,” concludes Pollitt.

The ‘Misfit’s auction starts on 15th December and lasts for seven days. It is expected to sell for around £30,000.