Budapest-based KAMManufaktur takes the iconic 912 sports car to new levels of performance and usability, without losing its classic looks and analogue driving style.

Launched in 2022, the KAMM 912c received high praise around the world for its blend of high performance and light weight. Featuring a semi-carbon body, the 750kg restomod retained its original steel roof and rear quarter panels blended with KAMM manufactured carbon fibre panels and an extensive use of carbon fibre throughout the rest of the car.

New for 2024, is the option of a full carbon fibre 912c which sees every body panel replaced by high-quality, KAMM manufactured carbon fibre. With this option, the overall weight is expected to be an incredible 699kg in full road legal trim, a saving of over 300kg compared to a standard 912 and more than 50kg over the semi-carbon model. When choosing the full carbon fibre body, owners can choose from a variety of finish options ranging from a fully-exposed weave to a fully painted classic look.

KAMManufaktur Founder Miklós Kázmér said, “At KAMM we always look for new ways to save weight while also enhancing driving dynamics. With the full carbon 912c we aim to save weight from the back and top of the car to get as close to 50-50 weight distribution as possible.“

Also new for 2024 is a full bespoke design service for owners. After an initial technical specification meeting with KAMM Founder Miklós Kázmér, the client enters into design consultation phase to ensure a completely individual car is produced and, as every detail is bespoke, no two 912c models will ever be the same. This process provides an unlimited range of options, including a choice of seats and wheels, exterior and interior trim finishes, and bespoke liveries.

A host of technical upgrades will also feature on the 2024 912c, including a more powerful air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine, new KAMM-designed seat options, improved aerodynamics for enhanced high-speed stability and reduced wind noise, upgraded air-conditioning and improved in-car audio and phone connectivity. Further details on these specification changes will be released soon.

Miklós Kázmér added, “I am a perfectionist and continuously seek innovative new ways to improve the 912c. Our new carbon fibre body is a great example of that, with perfect fit, incredible strength, and further weight saving. In addition, the 2024 912c will offer a range of enhancements to further enhance driving pleasure and give an even more rewarding ownership experience. We look forward to delivering the first client cars early into 2024 and will then show the world our new development car for evaluation later in the year.”

The 2024 full-carbon KAMM 912c is priced at €400,000 in standard specification, including a donor 912. Customers can also choose to donate their own 912 for conversion, priced at €360,000.

The semi-carbon KAMM 912c is priced at €360,000 in standard specification, and €320,000 when a doner 912 is supplied.

KAMM is taking orders the last remaining 2024 build slots, contact KAMM headquarters directly for more information.