Free Car Mag love wiper blades because they keep our screen so clear and free of muck and snow and stuff. The only thing that sometimes gives us real grief is finding the right ones and then fitting them. So here is some good news.

Valeo Service UK has launched HydroConnect™, a new wiper blade range providing 96percent original equipment flatblade cars coverage with just 42 part numbers.

HydroConnect™ is made up of three different product ranges: HydroConnect Front™ specially designed for vehicles originally fitted with front flat blades, HydroConnect Rear™ made for vehicles originally fitted with rear flat blades, and also HydroConnect Upgrade™, introduced for vehicles originally fitted with conventional front blades.

The new flat blade uses pioneering multi-connection technology ensuring the HydroConnect Front™ fits 12 types of front arms and the Hydro Connect Rear™ fits six types of arms, both with just three connectors.

HydroConnect™ blades feature a protective rubber coating to ensure longevity and its asymmetrical spoiler ensures excellent wiping performance thanks to its even pressure on the windshield.

Also part of the range is HydroConnect Upgrade™, boasting 85 percent European car parc coverage with just 14 references.

The HydroConnect™ range offers the added benefit of easy fitting with Valeo’s Easy-Clic® system allowing the upgrade of a conventional blade to Valeo’s flat blade technology in a quick and simple process.

Furthermore, fitting instructions are also included inside the packaging and its simple part identification makes it easy to select the right blade for the correct vehicle application.