Here is a video about the time We went for a quiet afternoon drive in Norfolk, in a Honda Civic with Mr. Daniel Cammish…

We also asked him a few questions…

Q: Which is your favourite UK circuit?
A: Brands Hatch GP, but I really like round here (Snetterton). But as a driver you tend to like the tracks that you do well at. I’ve always done well here at Snetterton.

Q: What is the Honda like?
A: Good car for the money, it will fly around the track, but then you can also do your shopping in it. Very smooth drive. Handles incredible.

Q: Was Honda your dream team to drive for?
A: Yeah, absolutely, when I moved away from Porsche I was only going to move for Honda or BMW, due to them both being great teams and I can see a future here at Honda. It’s going to make me a better driver with all these new responsibilities, including meeting new people. This opportunity was too good to miss.

Q: Who do you think is going to win this year?
A: Matt, I think we’ll get better. He is currently 3rd and starting to look really good.

Q: How does BTCC compare to your Porsche days?
A: Its very different. Porsche’s are quicker than the touring cars, but the racing is very close which is what we all want to keep it competitive.