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Free Car Mag Issue 26

Despite there being no pictures of food, we are trying to make you a bit hungry. Hungry for Jamie Oliver’s cooking, with the odd celebrity thrown in, programme every Friday Night on Channel 4. What excites us though is the presence of a Ford Capri.

Capris are few and far between these days unless you catch the repeats of The Professionals and Minder on ITV4. Yes Free Car Mag spends far too much time watching telly, but we love the old programmes when, without a hint of health and safety, a Capri would be sent screeching sideways. So for no good reason at all, apart from the fact that Jamie has a 3000GT, we celebrate the Ford Capri.

Otherwise we have the usual quota of Brit muscle, Jaguar, Aston and Bentley, plus we fall in love with the OMOLOGATO® Laguna Seca watch which is a limited edition, so hurry. Meanwhile we are off to cook a Jamie stir fry and watch some telly. Ideally with a Capri in it.

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Dale Winton’s Worst Car + he should have presented Top Gear

Dale Winton’s Opel Monza He’s perma tanned and fixated by walls, but Dale is one of us, a car nut. We met him in 2000 and found out that he really loved cars. Indeed he told me off the record that the programme he wanted to present the most was Top Gear. RIP Dale...

Volvo XC40 is European Car of the Year

Free Car Mag is by the stage to witness the Volvo XC40 being crowned European Car of the Year... The new Volvo XC40 urban SUV is now available to order in the UK, with on-the-road prices starting at £27,905 for the T3 Momentum version. The XC40 is Volvo's first ever...

Buying a New Car? New Car Advice have the answers

Well, here is a novel idea, rather than search for days for a car buying answer that will be all rather confusing, how about asking actual experts to solve your car buying conundrum? Well, New Car Advice created by a team of experienced motoring journalists and car...

James Martin is on ITV with Grub and Cars

We are very happy about this new programme which you can catch in the afternoons. If you like food and cars then you are going to have a great time with James. More details in the upcoming Issue of Free Car Mag Starting in California, James and his trusty crew will...

Vauxhall Corsa is 25! Let’s celebrate with some special offers.

With the iconic Corsa reaching 25 years on the UK market this year, Vauxhall is starting the party early by offering one year’s free insurance and five years’ zero per cent Flexible Finance, with no minimum deposit, to all buyers of the best-selling supermini. Open to...


A taxi driver in Norway has a less-than-conventional approach to his car of choice for work – A Ford Focus RS. Whereas larger, more fuel-efficient Ford models are the vehicle of choice for some UK private hire companies, Evald Jåstad has clocked up an impressive...

Ginetta G60-LT-P1 at Leeds East Airport

The new Ginetta G60-LT-P1 had its first roll-out test after being unveiled just over a week earlier, at the Autosport International Show.Now this is something to look forward to. The LMP1 machine undertook several high speed straight line runs at Leeds East Airport,...

SEAT Arona – Free Car Mag love it…

Free Car Mag were out and about in the new SEAT Arona today. It was the smallest 1.0 litre engine which was very perky and brilliant around town. More details coming up in the February edition of Free Car Mag. The spoiler alert is that we did rather love it. SEAT’s...

Cardboard Skoda Karoq designed by kids…

We rather liked the idea of this, but the thing is Skoda, made it come to life. Known for some of the most family-friendly cars in the business, ŠKODA has taken things a step further with the creation of a special one-off Karoq made entirely from cardboard. The...

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