Haynes announces AutoFix, its most advanced online repair tool yet for motoring DIY tasks. This all-new digital product firmly debunks the myth that you can’t work on modern cars, and contains more features, and is more technically advanced than any other product in the history of Haynes.

AutoFix is an advanced online repair tool that everyone can use and provides world-leading technical assistance to those looking to get to grips with fixing or maintaining their vehicle.

It covers nine out of ten cars on the road in the UK, and is packed with a range of practical features. This includes an interactive fault finder, DIY tutorials, videos, technical drawings and electrical wiring diagrams. A new electronic diagnostics application, which is set to further revolutionise the way people work on modern cars, will also be added to AutoFix in the coming weeks.

AutoFix has been carefully designed to ensure that people can grow in confidence as they get to grips with maintaining and repairing a car. For example, inexperienced DIYers can build skills over time thanks to practicing those essential maintenance tasks such as identifying what warning lights mean, learning how to replace bulbs, receiving guidance around monitoring tyre pressures, along with advice on oil and fluid checks and top-ups. Other content includes service intervals, specifications, lubricants and fluid guides, and general maintenance and repair information.

Users can also benefit from a handy interactive fault finder that will help diagnose more than 400 common vehicle faults, enabling the user to simply type the details of the issue in plain English, and receive back a range of suggestions to resolve the issue. Users can also search by vehicle system or commonly requested solutions.

The experts at Haynes have also compiled over 50 tutorials on tasks that range from changing the oil to replacing a timing belt. These DIY friendly guides sit alongside the data for your vehicle to ensure the user completes the job correctly first time. Guides include which tools are needed, level of difficulty, common problems and expert tips. AutoFix even suggests other jobs to take on in conjunction with the one selected.

In addition to comprehensive data, diagrams and written tutorials, AutoFix offers a wide range of instructional videos to enable the user to understand the job quickly and learn the best way to tackle each one. What’s more, content is added continually to ensure an ever increasing resource of tutorials and guides for every customer.

Finally, more seasonsed DIYers will be dazzled by Haynes’ world-leading electronic diagnostics application – set to be added to the AutoFix tool in the coming weeks. Proving that you can work on modern cars, the new module will enable the user to retrieve data from the vehicle’s engine management/CAN-Bus system to diagnose faults and component errors which have generated fault codes. The user can then enter the fault codes and see their description, along with the suggested components to test. It also features wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP and air conditioning.

The launch signals an exciting new era for Haynes as it builds on its reputation as the trusted source of information for both the automotive industry and motorists around the world. Haynes first invented the genre of motoring DIY with its ground-breaking step-by-step workshop manuals 60 years ago, and is now once again breathing new life into the sector with the launch of AutoFix.

Andrew Golby, Global Digital Director at Haynes, commented: “The way that people use automotive repair information has significantly changed since Haynes was first founded in the 1960s. Indeed, today, our online workshop manuals, based upon the original book, outsell print manuals on haynes.com. What’s more, our customers constantly ask us for more vehicle coverage, more and better help with diagnostics and electronics topics, fault finding and also data and information that is hard to find on the internet. In response, we’ve tapped into Haynes’ extensive, market-leading data to create an advanced repair tool that everybody can use.

“We’re now embarking on an exciting new journey that not only meets changing customer demand but also proves that you can still work on modern cars.”

AutoFix is a one-time purchase, available exclusively at haynes.com. Haynes is offering an introductory price of £25 which will increase to £30 once the electronic diagnostics app is added. It is initially available in the UK, but the launch will gradually role out to other markets including Europe and Australia in the coming months.

Haynes will continue to publish its extensive and highly successful back catalogue of Workshop and Lifestyle Manuals.