AB Dynamics, a leading supplier of automotive test systems, has enabled Guy Martin to build a self-driving Ford Transit for a Channel 4 programme. The company supplied a variety of systems including pedal, steering and gear change robots to the project, which followed Guy as he built and tested the vehicle.

“I never realised so much development went on in this country,” said Guy. “Jeremy and the boys [at AB Dynamics] were boffins, impressive and the science and grasp of the data they got from the Tranny [Transit] was amazing. Even Nigel the dog let his poker face slip and I could tell he was impressed, which is rare. Thanks for the chance to meet and learn from you boys.”

The robots used in the project are the same as those used by the world’s 25 largest vehicle manufacturers. AB Dynamics designs and manufactures a range of automotive test equipment, from steering robots to ADAS targets and one of the world’s most advanced driving simulators.

“Taking part in Channel 4’s Rise of the Robots season has been a fantastic way to showcase the level of advancement in autonomous technology,” explained Jeremy Ash, AB Dynamics Commercial Manager. “It was great to work with Guy to develop his self-driving Transit and show him what driving robots are capable of. We will soon be seeing more widespread adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), of which autonomy is a challenging and exciting extension. We work closely with manufacturers and safety organisations, such as Euro NCAP, to provide the systems that test and help advance this technology.”

AB Dynamics currently works with vehicle manufacturers to enable vehicle control
in testing scenarios where accurate and precise regulation of vehicle inputs is essential. Its recent development of the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) gives manufacturers the ability to safely test ADAS and autonomous systems in a virtual world with a driver-in-the-loop. The aVDS is capable of replicating an almost infinite variety of scenarios to test vehicles and systems before real world validation, providing manufacturers with significant cost and time-saving advantages.

The programme, which will air on November 26th at 9.00pm, features an in-depth look at the current state-of-the-art autonomous technologies, including ‘Level 5’ autonomous vehicles. Guy examines the technology currently used by Tesla, one of the leaders in vehicle autonomy. It also looks at the morality of autonomous technology. To do this, Guy completes a morality test designed to help software engineers program the vehicle for emergency scenarios.

Finally, Guy goes up against a prototype Roboracer in a Silverstone duel.
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