Tesla modification house Voltes Design’s mail order and “progressive self-build” service has been switched on.

Voltes is both creating complete car enhancements, including the Voltes Gen-SS, based on the Model S, and offering modules of parts, accessories and add-ons to make Teslas look as good as they go.

David O’ Connor, founder of Voltes Design, said: “We have a couple of full-on builds in process, but not everybody wants to spend five-figures in one go, so an important part of the business’ development was to introduce the opportunity for owners to progressively self-build: in simple terms, buy bits to enhance their Tesla over time.

“Tesla performance is an eye-opener, but while it is true there are those who like the discreet design of the standard car, there are others who would prefer their Tesla to look more edgy.”

Body kit and styling options have been sourced from Larte Design in Germany and Unplugged Performance in California, with the Carbon Styling Pack proving to be an early interest-grabber, making a big difference to looks at a reasonable price: £2,795 supplied, or fitted for £3,850.

Voltes Design Chrome Delete package involves all chrome parts being trimmed in a choice of either gloss or matte black finish – grill surround, lower front vents, side window surround, door handles, lower side door trim, side Indicator trim, door mirror base, rear boot lid trim and lower rear diffuser trim fitted from £995.00

Unplugged Performance enhancements include front spoiler and diffuser pack, in urethane, mail order-supplied at £1,695.00, rear under-spoiler and diffuser, in urethane, supplied at £ 2,310.00, and a side skirt set, also in urethane, supplied at £2,190.00.

No enhancement plans should exclude wheels, so a Rohana RC7 20″ alloy wheel set can be supplied at £1,995.00. Customers can specify from a range of tyres at additional cost, or have their own fitted.

Voltes will operate as a true e-business, with customers selecting design features online before Voltes collect – or supply – their car, which is then taken to one of a number of high-end body shops or installation centres around the UK.

“Workmanship will obviously be to the highest standards, with our nominated centres also being specialists in high-end conventionally-powered car upgrade and enhancement,” said David O’Connor.