President Elect Donald Trump may well want to make America great again, but apparently his first car was a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and it remains one of his favourites. You too can drive like the next President in one of the most affordable yet stylish Rolls Royce motor cars.

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was the last of the old school Royces with a separate chassis and is arguably one of the very best looking Rollers, briliant for when you want to make the grandest of entrances. Incredibly power steering was not standard so the chauffeur had to work very hard indeed, at least he never had to worry about changing gear as an automatic gearbox was always part of the specification. Corrosion is the biggest issue on these old girls and also a bunch of Bentleys that in the old days were converted to look like Rollers.

Clouds that need some work are just over £20,000, decent examples £40-£50K and the very best £90K or more depending on condition, history and whether they had a famous owner, like Donald Trump.

Meanwhile enjoy the AC/DC frontman Bran Johnson learning how to be a chauffeur in one.