Free Car Mag loves cooking and this looks like our cookery book of the year. It’s enough to make us go out and get a VW Transporter, but apparently there work just as well with our old Lorry.

Combining his love of vintage Volkswagens and good food, Dave Richards has produced a book which will enable campers to improve their experience. Packed with nearly 120 recipes, tips and tales to make even the most devoted city dweller want to camp. There’s advice on VW Campervan ownership, ways to make your camping easier and better, and a few tales which will simply make you laugh out loud. It’s a book like no other, one minute a reference book, the next a great coffee table browser. Camping has finally become cool again! Recent events have brought a whole new selection of players to the camping game: people who’ve been holidaying abroad for years may have been forced to look closer to home. Their experiences might have been mixed, but for anyone who plans to continue camping and who may be looking for help and guidance, this volume provides valuable tips and many inspired ideas. Seasoned campers alike will also find some pearls of wisdom, interesting recipe ideas, and enjoy reading about the author’s experiences.

A selection of camping recipes that really work
Camping tips that are really worth knowing
Camping myths and falsehoods debunked
Recipes that can be made from start to finish in the middle of nowhere
Follow this guide to transform your camping experience
Learn how to be a glamorous camper, and how to do it right
Flexibility is the key, don’t fight the the weather, let it guide your camping experience!
How to spot the best camping pitch
Make camping appear effortless, how to be the coolest of cool campers!
Camping hacks and recipes for the road from a seasoned VW camper

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