Welcome back to Free Car Mag product tests. In particular welcome to our hands on grapple with Bulldog BDX. We’ve heard an awful lot about the product over the years but because we are lazy and had to work through a job lot of well known, but far less cool, or effective, developed for spacecraft stuff, we finally have our hands on the good stuff.

Anyway the good people at Bulldog sent us a can and obviously we have an absolute ton of jobs lined up for it. That’s why we will be diving back and forth with our fresh can on a variety of projects. Not at all sure if it works with wallpapering, as there was an emergency outbreak when Mrs Bangernomics found a job lot of a particular pattern online. More importantly, let’s go to the proudly unwallpapered garage.


Bulldog BDX 300x174 - Bulldog BDX vs The Garage

The most untidy car parking area in the United Kingdom is the home to just the one classic car, after a recent cull and some motorcycle parts. More on that later. Firstly let’s mention the chain saws, yes more than one there are four. Two electric and two petrol. Not only do they need cleaning up, something Bulldog BDX can certainly help with, never mind the lubrication, at least two of them need a full on recommissioning after years of neglect. There is a lovely little, almost pocket sized, Italian AL-KO from 1988. Always fun to try and start, I will do the clean first, get a new spark plug. That has made it as far as the worktop, but there is something of a mountain to climb there and is weeks off a tug of the pull cord. Something to look forward to though.


BSA Bantam parts 300x225 - Bulldog BDX vs The Garage

An even longer term project is our BSA Bantam which has been around since the 1970s and is deserving of a much longer entry. We have boxes of mechanical bits outside, although the main frame, wheels and other bits are in the Free Car Mag office hallway. The idea is to move it outside and then make it work again. That may involve a different engine or something more four stroke. It always was a bit of BSA Bitza, but we are tempted to do something interesting. That disappointment is months away and might probably happen when it is cold and dark again. In June.

Bulldog BDX Test 300x271 - Bulldog BDX vs The Garage

First off, let’s try something dead easy. The sort of project that Bulldog BDX should lap up for breakfast, dinner and high tea. Here is a chain found in the Free Car Mag garden which 70 years ago had been a proper working dairy farm. If any qualified chainologist would like to enlighten me as to it’s original use that would be great, but to me it seems to be a short one with a purpose. I can’t think of a purpose I could use it for except to flail companies that are behind on a payment. I reckon it would look cool on the office wall, so let’s transform its rusty appearance to something more solid and less flakey.

Bring on the Bulldog BDX. I curled up the chain in my brass dunking bowl and applied the preservative in a can. Excess fluid collected in the bowl can be applied with a brush so there is zero waste. Clever old me. Let’s wipe it with a rag and affix to a nearby wall.

This is the first of many adventures with Bulldog BDX, which has inspired us to sort out our untidy garage, so tune back regularly to see what we are up to.

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