Here’s a plea to go out and buy much more basic Bangers.As running a car becomes so much more expensive. The trouble is that so many basic bangers are now becoming classics and very expensive. We would point you in the direction of the original Ford KA and perhaps we should upload a buying guide in the next few days.

5 cars that are cheap and easy to live with, the trouble is that so many pf these are now becoming so hard to find.

Skoda Felicia
Last of the old school Skodas, but with some important Volkswagen input when it comes to engines and build quality. Basic cars don’t come and better and both the hatchback and estate will work hard and won’t let you down. Running costs are minimal .

Kia Pride
Not the greatest car in the world, but being based on an old Japanese design means that it won’t ever break down, which is one thing to be proud about. For simply getting to the station and back, nothing would be better.
£1000 buys a 2000 1.3 Start with 50,000 miles.

Renault 5
Almost extinct, but still quirky, fun to drive and will cost buttons to run. Go for an ultra basic Campus, not a 5GT Turbo for peace of mind and enjoy yourself . A decent amount of room and practicality too.

Fiat Seicento
Small and fun filled package especially if painted bright yellow or red. There was even a Schumacher special edition. Essentially though you only want an S or SX which is group 1 insurance and does loads of miles to the gallon

Citroen AX
Very small and light and very square. Extreme lighteness means it will do loads of miles to the gallon, which is great, especially if you find yourself a 1.4 or 1.5 diesel. It may well owe you money after a few months.

We will have more Banger content coming in the next few days…Please come back.