British actor and Hollywood super weight, Tom Hardy, was reported to have made a citizen’s arrest this week, after chasing and catching a suspected moped thief in his home town, but a survey by stolen vehicle recovery expert TRACKER, reveals that he is largely alone when it comes to turning superhero. Only 16% of 200 people surveyed said they would intercept a thief stealing a motorcycle or moped, and just 5% would actively pursue the villain.

Comparing results by gender, 1 in 5 men said they would attempt to intervene versus 1 in 10 women. Remarkably, more men than women said they would ignore it and walk on by. Thankfully, only 6% of the total 200 people surveyed would actually turn a blind eye; 57% said they call the police immediately. What a relief!

Interestingly, 24% of the women surveyed said they would be likely to film the theft in action and then report the incident to police, sharing the footage as evidence – compared to just 10% of men. Without a doubt, social media suggests that Tom Hardy has gained many more female admirers as a result of his ‘good cop’ endeavors, so the 21% of men willing to make a hot pursuit could also earn superhero status.

Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation) comments: “We would have loved to have seen the look of the suspected thief’s face when he realized who had outsmarted him. But we wouldn’t recommend anyone taking the same action unless you are professionally trained in such matters, and even then you would need to exercise caution. Thankfully, Tom knew to check for weapons when he apprehended the suspect, but it could have ended on a more worrying note.

“Furthermore, there is an important lesson for moped and scooter owners to learn from this, and that is to make sure you protect your assets. Commuter and delivery bikes appear to be a soft target for opportunists at the moment, with a significant number being used to commit more serious crimes such as street robberies and jewellery heists. In 2016 there was a staggering 40% increase in motorbike theft nationally, and a 44% rise in London. Industry statistics reveal that for every five motorcycles stolen in the UK, only two were expected to be recovered, so if you love it, protect it – the odds of Tom Hardy or any other superhero appearing are against you.”