No really, we did. Free Car Mag sent two enthusiastic teenage reporters Livy and Keeley to cover the brilliant Lets Race, which is the UK’s most advanced full-motion simulator centre.


Before the upcoming Grand Prix the girls drove the circuit at Lets Race and set the two fastest times.

Lets Race simulators feature a booming sounds system, creating an atmosphere that simply has to be experienced to be believed. Their F1 model offers speeds of up to 200mph to give a real rush whilst developing enough downforce to keep racers flying round the track when they hit trick corners.
Lets Race’s blacked out sim room comes alive while spectators can sit in the grandstand to watch the race unfold making sure that everyone feels like they are part of a real formula 1 race. Down on the illuminated grated floor their 10 networked sims allow drivers to experience a wide variety of circuits meaning drivers can race on the same tracks as the real F1 superstars.

Full story coming soon in the next issue of Free Car Mag.