Elizabeth Taylor’s 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II will be up for sale through Guernsey’s Auction at the Pierre Hotel on August 6th, 2019. This is the very location where the iconic star lived with her husband Eddie Fisher. The Green Goddess, as she lovingly referred to it, will be available to the highest bidder on at the Pierre Hotel, where it will be on display (and under guard) from late July under the Pierre Hotel’s awnings.

What a magnificent motor car this is and how unique.

Just so you know, Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher marry in 1959. One year later, they travel to England to pick up this custom-made Rolls Royce. It features Left Hand (American) Drive, and was originally called “smoke green” as Miss Taylor selected it to match her favorite color dresses. In 1962, Elizabeth Taylor travels to Rome where she is the lead in Cleopatra where she falls in love with her co-star Richard Burton, for whom she leaves Eddie Fisher. She marries Richard Burton in 1964, after which, the Green Goddess is featured on covers of various magazines, including Vanity Fair.

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