Padmasree Warrior, NextEV U.S. chief executive officer, discusses the future of electric and autonomous cars with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”

Confirmation right here in this interview that future cars really will be robots. NextEV may not even build their own vehicles. Lots of confusing buzz words too. Oh Dear.

According to the company ‘The world is looking for a future with electric vehicles with smart technology and connectivity. NextEV is at the forefront of this transformation and we foresee an even more fundamental shift on the horizon.

Current car ownership is an expensive endeavor that is often an inconvenience. Along with ride-sharing and on-demand models, we believe there is room to reinvent the ownership experience in the mobile internet era. Our vision is to make car ownership a joyful experience.

NextEV is founded by world-class Internet and technology leaders who have invested hundreds of millions of US dollars and bring with them an unrivaled portfolio of industry experiences.’

Even though they are slated to build a £1m supercar which will be launched in London on the 21st November. Here’s a sneak peak…