Surely this is the best opening title sequence ever? Not only is Patrick McGoohan in it so is the iconic Lotus Seven. It is 50 Years since the programme first aired and the themes alienation, big brother government control is as relevant today as ever. It is Wikileaks, but rather more exciting. So after resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison. His warders demand information. He gives them nothing, but only tries to escape. He is number 6, number 2 is replaced every episode and we can only speculate who number 1 is.

The Lotus 7 is a a brilliant sports car that still looks exactly the same today.One ride or drive is all it takes to intoxicate, or repulse. This is pure minimalist fun, which is what a real sports car is all about. You soon forget that the hood is a pain to fit and the sheer discomfort of being buffeted by the elements. Even better a Caterham either depreciates very slowly or not at all. Contrary to appearances no two Caterhams are alike: side or rear-exit exhausts, flared or cycle wings, leather, limited slip differential, five or six speed gearbox, Minilite or ‘Prisoner’ style alloys even a heater could be an option. What’s not an option is falling in love. The majority on sale have been cherished by their owners and only cover a few thousand miles each year. As there isn’t much to the Seven, if there’s a problem it is easy to spot. The only problem is resisting the temptation to buy.

In the village there are wonderful Mini Mokes running around as this fantastic trailer shows.