The S110R was an Eastern Bloc poster car back in 1970 when it was launched. It’s rakish coupe looks and a host of sporty upgrades made this somewhat of a dream car for those starved of the full choice of western offerings of the period. Here is your chance to get one of the very best through Car and Classic/strong>

Today, rarity is the watchword for the S110R. Whilst some 57,000 left the Czech left the factory over the 10-year production run, it is reported that as few as five are registered for use in the UK today.

According to owners they are a hoot to drive too. Descriptions as a “slower Porsche 911” are not totally unfounded either. This is, after all, a rear engine, rear wheel drive, two-door 2+2 which is bound to turn heads.

The S110R’s interior is most notable for being in excellent, almost “factory fresh,” condition. It is a bright and jolly place to be too, with the bright orange velour lending this interior a very jolly and fun ambiance. There is of 1970’s innovation on show here too – from the headrests to the split fold rear seat and the range of textures used. A fascinating snapshot of Eastern Bloc automotive design from the 1970’s.

The exterior of the S110R is as pristine and eye-catching as the interior. The “very Skoda” bright orange colourway is hard to ignore, and the condition of this car is sublime. It appears to have been a very professionally undertaken restoration and is bound to attract admiring and curious glances from all who see it.

Given the engaging dynamics that these distinctive little coupes deliver it should be no surprise that they spawned a very successful 140bhp rally car in the form of the 130RS. This was testament to the balance and strength of these coupes and the basis of a formidable reputation for fun and robust reliability at a low and attainable price-point.

Auction starts on 26th April