Shot by renowned Swedish director Christian Larson, the campaign features style rebels and partners, the English musician Eliot Sumner, and the German model Lucie Von Alten.

In the spotlight is the rebel of the Mercedes-Benz family, the CLA. A four-door-coupé offering impeccable performance, its eye-catching sporty design and fierce attitude has been further enhanced by the strength of desire that burns between Eliot Sumner and Lucie Von Alten. Both powerful individualists, they share with the CLA a rebellious urge to stand out from the crowd.

The campaign was shot on location in an old steel warehouse attached to a disused stone quarry in Bucharest, Romania. Raw and powerful, it was an apt environment in which the director Christian Larson could capture the subversive spirit of the CLA. A true visionary, Larson has worked with many of the world’s most innovative artists, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Kylie Minogue. For Larson, the project started with the idea of creative destruction. “I think that there is a beauty in destruction and in this case, I felt fire, and burning things, could look very beautiful. Fire is always something that brings people together – the storyline of the two girls meeting is about them being intrigued by the fire – and it also suggests the idea of “playing with fire”. I wanted to play with emotions, objects, elegance, rebelliousness in some kind of virtual dystopian world.”

Whether you enjoyed it or thought it was a pretentious load of art house nonsense, then please let us know.