Free Car Mag have no idea how it really works, all we know is that @HiKennys spends the summer going to car shows, in the north, taking pictures, making funny comments and then collating a top ten that we can all judge.

Anyway we borrowed a Vauxhall Astra GL from 1982 and parked it up outside the Free Car Mag office with Gillian from the typing pool in her fake leapordskin overcoat and Martin from overdue subscriptions as the wheelman, then took the above picture for your amusement.

It all starts on Friday 17th November and finishes a couple of days later in a blaze of glory for the winner.

Go to X Twitface and have fun

#HiKCoTY is the hashtag everyone is using apparently.

Here are the rules….find out the runners and riders are in a couple of weeks time…

Ten pictures are posted only once each.
For every Retweet/Repost on each original picture scores 2 points.
For every Like/Heart on each picture scores 1 point.

The one with the most points at the end wins.

No points are given for any quoted retweet/repost or any subsequent replies.

But, you can vote for as many as you like. Up to 3 points.