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So where did it all start for Idris? Well it started very small. We found this out when he made a brilliant programme for BBC2 called not surprisingly, ‘King of Speed’ and was interviewed about the show.

IDRIS ELBA’S FIRST CAR WAS…mini clubman - Idris Elba - Fast Road to Freedom

“My first car was Mini Clubman, I bought it when I was 14 years old…my parents didn’t know I bought it. The mini for me is a symbol of my liberation and beingable to drive three different generations of rally going minis (in King of Speed) was an absolute dream – to be in those cars, a model which I’ve had such a connection with from day one, was a real honour.”


“I’m addicted to speed, it’s no secret, but whilst travelling, listening, learning and telling these amazing stores, what surprised me the most, was just how far people are willing to go, the risks people are willing to take, to satisfy that addiction.

Rally driving is the ultimate, most extreme example of this; I mean you’re
not on a track, there is no a wall of tyres to spin into, so if you come off on that course, you’re likely to hit a massive tree or roll down a ditch and chances are, you’re going to get hurt. Bad.

All of the drivers I met, are willing to put their life on the line in the pursuit of speed. But it’s not just about speed, it’s about being faster than the next guy. As a speed addict, it’s something I can relate to.”


“Ultimately, boy racers are not just kids in their Fiestas down the Southend beach front, or the guy cruising around Chelsea in a million pound Bugatti, they are all the people in between, who have been around since Henry Ford’s time and who just love driving.”


“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary motor car drivers from a really wide spectrum of disciplines, but I think perhaps Ari Vatennan may be the ultimate. He is truly an extraordinary individual and I tell you what, he is someone who will, fight till the very end, continue to push the accelerator and break late on every corner, real or symbolic. He lives life to the full and you can see that when he gets behind the wheel.”

And the best car from the series? Considering Idris drove muscle, rally and racing cars, “The Black Fiesta XR2 was my absolute favourite.”

Idris traded up from the XR2 recently when he took the brand new Jaguar XE for a very extended test drive. The 750 mile trip in the XE 2.0-litre i4 163PS diesel began at Idris’s former college, the National Youth Music Theatre in London.

They covered four countries in three days on a variety of roads in tough weather conditions. The mood changes when Idris drives Jaguar XE S 3.0-litre petrol 340PS with Martin Brundle at Spa Francorchamps racing circuit in Belgium.

The drive culminates in delivery of the new Jaguar XE sports saloon to Germany’s capital for an exclusive launch party and DJ set by Idris.

“I had a great time driving the Jaguar XE in some pretty bad weather conditions – the highlight for me was hammering it round Spa with the legendary Martin Brundle.

“The car was a real head turner and I made sure I pushed it hard all the way to Berlin – so the most surprising thing was the efficiency, averaging 65 mpg. I also loved

the in-car tech as I’m a big fan of gadgets, and the XE was fully loaded in that respect too – I even planned my DJ set list as I drove.

“I’ve long been a fan of Jaguar and its incredible sporting heritage. I like to push what I do and explore different areas of my expertise and that’s why this film project with Jaguar really appealed.”