Fancy a supermini so that you can use it for shopping and local errands. Don’t want to pay thousands for soemthing which is characterless, dull and absolutely not fun? Well Car & Classic have the answer and it says Fun on the Nova tin, so it must be true.

Take a look at it here and bid to buy….

This is all you need to know…

V5C in owners name
Two sets of Keys
First registered on 29th June 1992
It is said that the first owner won the Nova in a competition back in 1992
The cars current MOT Certificate expires on 9th May 2024, with the Nova passing this test with no advisories
Last service and other maintenance carried out on 5th October 2022 at a cost of £942.50
A selection of maintenance invoices in the history document the cars on going maintenance over the years
The Nova has part service history with the service booked stamped up to 52,739 miles. The previous owner is then believed to have then used a family friend for servicing and maintenance.
The Nova comes with its original Owners Book pack which includes the radio code card
In the history file is the Nova’s delivery form from Gwynns Garages Limited in Glamorgan in Wales
The current owner acquired the Nova from Car and Classic in July 2022. They say they have owned a wide range of Vauxhalls over the years but never a Nova and jumped at the chance to acquire such an original example as this one.

Here is the Nova Backstory….

In 1983 Vauxhall replaced the outgoing Chevette with the brand new Nova hatchback. The compact and boxy super mini was available in 3 and 5 door configuration, with all models for the European market built in Spain.

In Britain the Nova proved to be a hit and went head to head with the likes of the Ford Fiesta, the Rover Metro and the Peugeot 205. And if you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, the chances are either someone in your family owned a Nova, or you knew someone who did.

The Nova was popular as it was a cheap car both to own and maintain and for many families up and down the country, it was the ideal runabout motor. Fast forward to today and the trusty Vauxhall Nova is now a very rare sight on UK roads, with fewer than 20 believed surviving. The example on sale here with Car and Classic is a remarkable two owner survivor that has covered just 80,534 miles in 30 years.