Jags Slags and loads of fights, shooters, gangsters in this fantastic TV series from 1978. Also see the latest issue of Free Car Mag 82 for more details.

Stars Tom Bell, Brian Croucher, Lynn Farleigh, Pam Fairbrother, Andrew Paul, John Junkin, Brian Cox. Directed by: Jim Goddard. New series OUT begins on Thursday, the story of Frank Ross, jailed for eight years for attempted robbery after someone“grassed him up” – and he will find out who! Nobody knows who put the finger on him, but Ross is determined to take revenge on those who betrayed him. Whilst inside, his wife has gone into a home and his son is going off the rails. Ross slowly pieces together the trail that leads to a dramatic conclusion. First aired in 1978, the series was hugely popular with an average audience of 10 million viewers. OUT is dominated by Tom Bell’s iconic portrayal of Frank Ross, in an immaculate three-piece suit with an imposing look. Airs: Sunday 29th March at 12am, continuing every week. Freeview 81 Sky 328 Freesat 306 Virgin 445