The Ford Mustang GT Convertible, features adaptive or automatic cruise control which is able to adjust the speed of the car automatically based on the traffic in front of it, which means that unlike normal cruise control systems, you don’t have to keep adjusting the speed. This is actually a fairly common feature available on modern well-specced cars.

However, I don’t much care for cruise control, only ever employing it for really long motorway journeys, or if I’m on a road riddled with cameras so I can ensure not inadvertently wandering over the limit – so easy to do in 5.0-litre V8 Mustang! Plus, I feel I can manage the economy better by my own more measured and gentle use of the throttle.

So, is the system entirely redundant on the car? Considering it not only has the required software, but also the hardware such as radars to detect the distance to other vehicles and the speeds. Very often on these cars that might be the case with me driving. However, the Mustang has a digital illustrative display in the centre of the speedometer that displays a graphic of the lane, which also indicates when you crossover the lane markings.

Additionally, it depicts a vehicle in front when it comes into range. It then indicates whether you are a safe distance behind relative to the speed you are doing – and so can thereby stop in sufficient time in an emergency. It goes yellow/orange if you’re too close, going red if you’re in the danger zone. Who needs double chevron safe distance markings on the highway with systems like this?
That’s a cool gizmo. And nice to have. But it’s not why you’d fall in love with a Mustang. However this might – a recent a survey of over 2000 people to find out what turns them off (and on) when it comes to what you drive and how you drive. Without going through the entire report, there were a few major, and in this case, pertinent, takeaways from the findings.
Forget EVs, less than 30% found drivers of electric cars attractive, but petrol-powered cars still ruled with 41% finding them tantalisingly lusty. When it came to the type of car that was most appealing, two-seaters rocked, sportscars followed and convertibles were very close behind.

To establish which brands were potentially perceived the sexiest, the researchers trawled through social media looking for the brands most included with keywords such as ‘love’, ‘sexy’, and Heart emojis. Despite Tesla being only electric, it somehow came top in this list, but a close second and scoring higher when it came to keywords such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’ was Ford (beating off BMW, McLaren and Porsche). Those seeking love were found to be enamoured by a clean car, particularly on the inside, and people weren’t keen on drivers going too slow.

All of which brings me back to the subject at hand, our latest update on our ongoing vroomance with the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 we have on long-term test right now. It’s a petrol-powered convertible sportscar with a Ford badged and which is hard to drive too slowly (although not impossible when you’re keen to stave off too-frequent and financially painful trips to the petrol stations!).
Basically, what I’m saying is that if you’re looking for love, drive a Ford Mustang. There’s also another undisputable factor when it comes to this car, that wasn’t actually included in the survey, but should have been – the Mustang remains the coolest new production car from a major volume car manufacturer on sale today.

Not that you should infer that yours truly is on the hunt! Oh no, I’m happily married and had the family in this thing driving around on Eid day – catch that video on my YouTube channel (BrownCarGuy). But I do try to keep it clean… if you see what I mean.