Free Car Mag love driving our own cars, but sometimes if we are visiting London for the day, Berlin, Milan, or a large number of other European cities then Drive Now makes an awful lot of sense especially when prices start at just 29p per minute.

Simply register online with a one-time fee of £ 29, receive your DriveNow Customer Card to your door and start driving.

Get started now and register as a DriveNow member to get quick access to all DriveNow Cars. The registration fee is a one-time £ 29, with no on-going subscription costs. There are no overheads or hidden costs. As soon as you register online, we will review your application, and if successful, send out an activation code which enables you to open cars via the DriveNow App. You should receive your DriveNow Customer Card in the post within three days of activation. Your DriveNow Customer Card and App are your own personal key to the entire DriveNow fleet. Now you are ready to go DriveNow.

To sign up, you need to upload a photo of the front and back of your driving licence and a photo of your DVLA licence check code in the app (UK driving licence holders only). This allows us to view your driving history. You can generate your check code at the DVLA website. We also require you to take a selfie for identification purposes. If you have a non-UK driving licence but live in the UK (temporary or permanent), we need you to upload a photo of your proof of address in the UK (bank statement, utility bill, etc.) stating the current address and name of the licence holder, as well as your driving licence. If you are a non-UK resident, you need to upload the front and back of your ID card/passport in addition to your driving licence.

Locate and reserve a car nearby, wherever you are – it’s easy using the DriveNow App for your smartphone / tablet or computer, or for the personal touch, with one of our helpful telephone customer service agents.

BMW i3, BMW 1 Series, MINI or MINI Countryman, with DriveNow you have access to the best cars.

Whenever you want, you can park the car and end the rental in virtually any public parking space in the entire business area. With DriveNow you’re not limited by designated parking bays.

No commitments. No fuel costs. Just drive. Insurance, car tax, parking – all included.