Porsche 911, it has to be the most popular real world sports and supercars. So it is important to know where to go. Somewhere like http://www.design911.co.uk

KARL CHOPRA is a true Porsche enthusiast, who turned his hobby into his business. Rebuilding, restoring and customising Porsches over two decades he developed a particular sense for sourcing hard-to-get parts, from simple brackets to body panels. His reputation grew and a loyal circle of customers told their friends, who told their friends. Design 911 was established in 1995.

The company has established itself as the market leader, offering trade and retail customers a full range of OEM and aftermarket Porsche parts for general servicing and re-build as well as restoration and tuning for the UK, European and world-wide markets. The company’s impressive 34,000 sq. ft Essex headquarters comprise sales department, warehouse, workshop and body shop, as well as a showroom of classic Porsches for sale. We spent ours looking at the wonderful examples of all Porsches they had for sale and we encourage you to do the same. http://www.design911.com/pages/cars-for-sale.aspx

Design 911 works with the trade, service garages, body shops, specialist tuning shops, restorers and individual owners to reach their goal – to provide the ultimate Porsche experience.