Another rare find is brewing within leading online classic and specialist vehicle marketplace Car & Classic’s auction site: the ultimate ‘kei car’ Suzuki Cappuccino, a cup-sized nippy sportscar with the perfect blend of charm, rear-wheel-drive/front engine configuration, light weight, and only just over 5,000 miles on the clock.

“Only 28,000 Cappuccinos were built in the Nineties, and of those, just 1,110 came to the UK; fewer than half of them may still in existence, but only around 150 are on our road,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “This Cappuccino is even more rare because of the very low mileage and number of careful owners.”

A modern classic registered in 1994, the Cappuccino’s cool beans are ensured by its light weight (around 725kg) which makes the tiny 657cc three-cylinder engine, suitably caffeinated by a turbocharger, more than adequate in providing a frothy, stimulating driving experience.

“This quirky little car is a shot of excitement and definitely an antidote to the daily grind,” jokes Pollitt.

Original factory configuration
Rare, and in excellent condition
Low mileage

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