The Alliance of British Drivers, The Motorcycle Action Group and Fair Fuel share all the important stories about motoring, the environment and politics whic affect us all on a day to day driving basis. Here are the headlines and the links you need to find out the truth.

Oxfordshire County Council eco-loonies publicly sign their own electoral suicide pact via a climate lockdown. Hasta la vista! And don’t bother coming back once sacked, baby!

Drivers face ‘gargantuan’ crisis as roads remain untouched for 80 years: motorists are not being listened to!’

Government commits £8.3bn to pothole repair – enough to resurface only 5k miles of roads; 2.5% of the length of carriageways in England & Wales, & over 11 years, so under 0.23% a year:

More than half of the local road network in England and Wales is reported to have less than 15 years’ structural life left – as the amount needed to fix the backlog of carriageway repairs increases to a record high of £16.3 billion.

Drivers could face new measures using 3D radar and AI technology in road and motorway trials – for good or ill? Will it just result in more, “the answers an enforcement device, what’s the problem” road safety ineffective, oppressive, anti-driver measures?

UK considering sanctions on China as its uneconomically cheaper BEVs continue to destroy car market. Transport Secretary Mark Harper has warned China that undercutting UK BEV competition by uneconomic pricing will attract tariffs. Best just let us stick with superior technology ICEVs instead, then?

Renault slams larger electric vehicles as ‘environmental nonsense’ and calls for smaller petrol & diesel cars:

Bentley delays production of their first electric vehicle as drivers are not keen enough to switch; while criticising Labour’s plans for the 2030 car ban. Bentley chief Adrian Hallmark said: “Labour has said it would reverse the Government’s 2035 deadline. It would be a mistake going back from 2035 to 2030. It would create uncertainty.”

Asda slashes electric vehicle charging points; 46 left (at only 2% of its stores) as it ‘reviews options’. This is what happens when scientifically-illiterate politicians try to dictate policy to an overwhelmingly unreceptive & unsympathetic public: