Bangers and Classics, the brilliant mind altering Podcast featuring James Ruppert and David Milloy explaining life, the universe and everything to do with the wonderful world of motoring…

Does the world need another Podcast with a couple of idiots talking about cars? Obviously not, but this one is very different. For a start it has a couple of 24 carat experts. David Milloy is one of those razor sharp lawyer types who has applied his forensic mind to what he truly loves, classic cars. You can find him between the pages of Classic Car Weekly and he has written a couple of splendid books, The Ultimate Unofficial Formula 1 Quiz Book and also the Ultimate Classic Car Quiz Book. Both are great fun, plus you learn rather a lot in the process, brilliant to play with your motoring mates. He’s also owned some cracking motors including a Matra Murena, many Lotus Elans and a Matra Rancho.

Whilst David does the heavy lifting, along for the easy ride is James Ruppert. He used to be a cutting edge motoring journalist working for major newspapers, magazines and was occasionally on telly. These days he is pretty grumpy, still appears weekly in Autocar, whilst his latest book Ruppert’s Bangerpedia is currently annoying enthusiasts around the world and his a bit too serious Demotorized is effectively banned by the mainstream press. His cars are mostly tax free and old like him. He should stick to books with Bangernomics in the title.

So listen to the latest Podcast ‘The Hardline According to…’ The first episode where James Ruppert and David Milloy explain what a Banger is and isn’t, touches on the hideous scrappage scheme, remembers the suitcase test and compares old fashioned buttons with new fangled screens.

This groundbreaking Podcast is going to be an ongoing thing. Whether you like it or not. The topics will encompass Bangers and Classics and quite possibly divert into Science Fiction films with cars in them and the weather.

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