Author: James Ruppert

Wonderwoman Your Sexy Superhero Film for the Weekend

Last week Free Car Mag saw The Mummy and it was flipping awful. We won’t make that mistake again as we’ve booked the whole back row for this one. We are huge Gal and Chris fans, so we can hardly wait….the story is…Before she was Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot (Chris Pine) who tells her about the massive conflict that’s raging in the outside world. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home...

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Little Mix and a Shelby Mustang

Our favourite sports car: Ford Mustang, check. Our favourite girl band: Little Mix, double check. Well here’s the bestest music video for some considerable time which you can enjoy below. Matching the hottest property in pop with the world’s best-selling sports car doesn’t take too much thinking about – especially when it’s in a video for a song called “Power”. And that’s exactly what Little Mix wanted for the new single from their chart-topping album Glory Days. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 shares centre stage with Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie as they...

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Free Car Mag kills off Firefly

Lots of people asked what the car featured in our Robot Car meme was, and we answered, rubbish. A rubbish car built for Google. It was rubbish because first of all it looks like a toy car and secondly there is no steering wheel or pedals. What’s the point of a car like that we reasoned. That’s why we have relentlessly poked fun at the efforts of the robot car community to be taken seriously. That may explain why the robot is being terminated. Developed by Waymo, part of Google’s parent firm Alphabet, the company is now concentrating on...

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Motorists waste £2 Billion on unnecessary servicing

UK motorists could save more than £2 billion simply by making sure they get their MOT test done ahead of their annual vehicle service, according to car maintenance and repair start-up, MotorEasy. Analysis of MotorEasy’s database of 20,000 vehicles shows that 80% of faults found in service procedures would be flagged in the MOT test anyway, meaning that the service is unnecessarily duplicating work and labour costs. The average MOT test takes around an hour, meaning that an hour’s worth of labour could be saved in any subsequent service. Last month, MotorEasy revealed that the average UK hourly labour...

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The Mummy – Your all action, super scary, back from the dead, Tom Cruise, romp

If you want to know where the Free Car Mag Office will be this weekend, they’ll be hiding behind the seats as The Mummy happens. We can’t wait. Not only is Tom in it, so is Russell Crowe and Annabelle Wallis. We are not aying attention to the reviews and we do have the option of turning left for Wonderwoman and right for Bay Watch… Anyway the story of the rebooted franchise is this… Nick Morton is a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder. When Nick and his...

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