Author: James Ruppert

Wheeler Dealers – We are interviewing Ant and Mike – Any Questions?

Free Car Mag are terribly excited because we are going to chat to the new WHEELER DEALERS team and we would like you to submit any questions you have for them. Send your questions via the usual channels and we will put them to the lads. Here is the low down on the new series… WHEELER DEALERS is back as the new team begin work on an array of second-hand motors in need of a second chance. From their southern California shop, automotive valuation expert Mike Brewer and new master mechanic and fabricator Ant Anstead go to work finding,...

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MotorEasy launches world’s first ‘plugin warranty’ product

MotorEasy has moved into the ‘connected car’ market with the launch of a new, world-first warranty product that includes a plugin car diagnostics tool to offer drivers an ongoing ‘health monitor’ for their cars. The fitC plugin device connects directly to the engine’s ECU via the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port to provide instant diagnostic data, previously inaccessible to drivers without paying for a diagnostic service at a garage, directly to the user’s smart phone. The product’s early warning system means that potential faults can be identified before the vehicle breaks down, potentially saving motorists’ time and money. After a...

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Project Lorry – The spanners are out

The Range Rover has been revised. That is pretty important news. There are up to 17 connection points including domestic plug sockets, USB, HDMI and 12-volt are all available; 4G Wi-Fi hotspots for up to eight devices and convenient storage are all designed for the business traveller. The cabin is tailored for relaxation with luxurious seats offering 25 massage programmes thanks to Hot Stone massage technology within the seat backs. Meanwhile Project Lorry is coming together. Sad to say that the doors are too far gone. They were shot blasted and are pitted with rust holes. Also on the...

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Blade Runner 2049 Your Science Faction Film for the Weekend

We will be dressed as Replicants and Blade Runners this weekend as the Free Car Mag office descends on our local fleapit to drink in the sheer majesty of what is hopefully the greatest science fiction sequel. As Blade Runner bores, we would urge you to watch the three short films which fills in the gaps between 2018 when the original is set, to the latest 2049 one. So there is no point embedding the trailer which has been on the telly a million times, watch BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “2048: Nowhere to Run” which you can see above…Then...

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Classic Car Meet at Stanmer Country House

Fancy seeing some classic cars and having a great day out this Sunday? Course you do. Well, Stanmer Country House in Brighton has new monthly Car Meet event, ‘Classics at Stanmer’. Every Sunday of each month they invite classic car owners and enthusiasts alike to get together in the sprawling grounds of their country pile and spend a perfect Sunday admiring the remarkable motors on display. This will be a free family-friendly event, open to all. Whether you own a 60’s e-type, a pristine Triumph motorcycle, or a modern classic it will be very welcome. Of course, non-car owners...

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